Graphics & Lead Time

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Printing capabilities

We are capable of printing up to a total of 4 colors, and up to 100% of the bag can be imprinted, except where noted otherwise. We can manufacture your bags using your original artwork and logo or put our team of talented artists to work. We’ll handle all of your graphic needs – from layout to artwork.

Our in-house plate department will assure that your plates are produced quickly and efficiently. Our presses are maintained by a staff of certified mechanics. During production, your product is submitted through numerous quality checks and pallets are spot checked before shipping by shift supervisors.

Your presence at point of sale and in the marketplace will be fresher than ever and you will get a top quality bag that is every bit as sturdy as it is attractive.

Printable image area is generally 1/2” from sides of the bag and 1/2” from the bottom of the bag. Start the image down 4” from the top on Patch Handle bags to avoid the handle and seal area, and generally 2 1/2” down for all other types of bags.

Art requirements

Artwork may be submitted by: email, CD ROM, Paper Copy, Zip Disk, or FTP. Artwork should be clean, crisp, 300 dpi or higher. Photocopies, faxes and business cards are not camera ready and may require artist services for additional touch up, stats, and trapping. Enlargements and reduction also entail a fee.

We are currently able to accept art on the following programs:

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Pagemaker

  • Adobe Ilustrator

  • Adobe PDF

  • Corel Draw

If other than the software mentioned above, save with EPS preview on disk. Outside service may be necessary and cost estimate will be provided.

Please note that we have an experienced in-house art staff, well trained in the complete preparation of artwork to meet the specifications of our machinery and printing processes. We are happy to assist you in art preparation, or help answer any question you may have regarding the same. Please call us for further assistance.

Lead time

Normal production time is six to eight weeks on repeat orders and eight to ten weeks on new orders from the date of proof of art. Stock and hold option also available upon request. Please call for details.

Due to possible seasonal pressures, these dates may vary. All orders requiring absolute dated completion of orders must be indicated on the order. Absolute dated completions must be discussed with Source Direct prior to any commitment is made. Non absolute dated orders are approximate and all efforts will be made to maintain these dates.

Merchandise manufactured must be accepted whether these date are maintained or not. Please call us for details.